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ThinkFWD International is a wholesale company that partners with manufactuers and distributors to maximize their sales. We specialize in digital marketing and hone in on the buyer’s journey so that we can be an impactful partner, not a competitor.

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Having a good product is just the beginning…

Having a good quality product means absolutely nothing if the market doesn’t know that you exsist and placing your products on marketplaces doesn’t guarantee sales either.

You must understand your ideal audience, how your product serves them and provide the benefits in a way that appeals to this particular segment of buyers.

Unfortunately, many great products get overshadowed by competitors with bigger budgets and more experience.

This is where we come in.

We are so much more than just another wholesale company. We partner with manufactuers, distributors and liquidators to sell their products online by optimizing their listings for their ideal audiences.

With over 17 years of marketing and business strategy experience throughout various industries, we understand the complete buyer’s journey and how to get them to become a consistent consumer.

How it Works

Take a look at our process below


Identify ideal markets

Your products are not an ideal fit for everyone. We develop a product fit sheet that outlines the best platforms, demographics and geographic locations to help increase exposure and sales of your products.

Purchase your products wholesale

Once the product fit sheet is complete, we create our initial wholesale order with you. This ensures that we can meet consumer demand in the respective markets that we have outlined.

List on ideal platforms

We have partnered with various e-commerce brands and marketplaces to maximize exposure of products we carry to their ideal consumers. We work with you to understand where you are currently listed so that we are not competing with you and instead increasing your exposure.

Optimize and Scale

We carefully monitor the data across all listings to make sure they are optimized with the proper keywords, imagery and descriptions for the ideal audiences. We also monitor the latest changes to Google’s algorithim to help maximize scaling opportunities.

What We Sell

We specialize in daily use and home good products. This includes, but is not limited to: cleaning and hygiene supplies, clothing, disposable products, kitchenware, and emergency supplies.

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We respect our customer’s privacy and we make every effort we can to protect your privacy. We do not provide or sell your email or any other information, unless ordered by court order.  

All sales are final. We do not accept any returns.

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